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40% Faster Servers – Now Launched!

When we migrated our infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform in February 2020, we knew this was not just a one-time event but the base for continuous improvements for our clients and their websites. So today, we are happy to announce that thanks to this move, we can perform a massive upgrade to 40% faster CPUs, we have two more cloud data centre locations, and we have increased all of our dedicated client servers from 30GB of super-fast SSD storage to 40GB.

40% Faster Processors On All Our Servers

Over the next few weeks, we will be updating all server processors used to host our clients on the Google Cloud infrastructure. The new N2 CPUs will perform roughly 40% faster than the ones we used previously. As a result, our clients will benefit from faster delivery of dynamic content due to more efficient script execution. With the upgrade, your site is expected to need fewer CPU seconds than before when serving the same type and number of visitor requests. This generally means more room for growth and space for new features and functions. Each client’s benefit will be unique, based on the site’s own code and database optimisations.

The upgrade of our current CPUs will be done in the next few weeks. The upgrade will involve minimal downtime due to a necessary reboot (roughly 15 minutes per server). Upgrades are scheduled to happen in the early morning hours when user/visitor traffic is at its lowest, causing minimal disruption to our client’s websites.

Two New Cloud Data Centres

Another great benefit of our migration to the Google Cloud Platform is that we can now add more data centre locations worldwide. It is a great advantage that we can now count on a single data centre partner everywhere and benefit from their uniform high-quality service. The two new data centres are located in Frankfurt, Germany and also Sydney, Australia. So we now have 7 cloud data centres being utilised worldwide, meaning your customers can access your website super fast anywhere around the world.

Additional Storage For Dedicated Server Clients

Some of our bigger, more data-hungry clients have dedicated servers with us, giving them complete control over their server and setup and ensuring their site or sites run perfectly at all times. In addition, we have increased the available web storage from 30GB of super-fast SSD storage to 40GB to allow these customers to have new features and future-proofing their websites.

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