Your Site Is Already WordPress 6.5 Compatible!

WordPress Update - HITS

Introducing the latest milestone in web development – WordPress 6.5 has officially made its debut today, ushering in a new era of enhanced features and improved performance for all WordPress-driven websites. This release brings with it a wave of excitement as website owners and creators around the world can now easily update their platforms to […]

HITS CMS – Why Is It Important?


CMS stands for Content Management System and is a tool for our clients to log in and access the backend of their website. This allows clients a level of control over their sites and provides them with a user-friendly way of quickly editing and updating their websites with us. The CMS is also a crucial […]

5 x Faster Sites For All Clients

Cache Optimisation - HITS

In 2012 we announced a new caching feature that allowed our client’s websites to benefit from static, dynamic, and Memcached. Since then, we have heavily enhanced the technology and fine-tuned its behaviour, and we now believe it to be the most powerful speed tool we have created for our clients. Currently, the most massively used […]

It’s Time To Welcome PHP 8 & Just In Time Delivery

PHP Update - HITS

It’s time to say goodbye to PHP 7.4 and welcome to PHP 8! Some time ago, HITS upgraded all clients to PHP 7.4, and we immediately noticed an improvement in the speed of their sites. In addition, PHP 7.4 introduced some significant performance gains for all web applications, including WordPress. However, technology never stands still, […]

40% Faster Servers – Now Launched!

40% Faster Servers – Now Launched! - HITS

When we migrated our infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform in February 2020, we knew this was not just a one-time event but the base for continuous improvements for our clients and their websites. So today, we are happy to announce that thanks to this move, we can perform a massive upgrade to 40% faster CPUs, […]

Moving To The Google Cloud Platform

Moving To The Google Cloud Platform - HITS

As 2020 plans come together, we are happy to announce that the Google Cloud Platform now powers a big part of our server infrastructure. Working with one of the most well-established cloud service providers allows us to increase the speed and reliability of our customer websites even further. Along with this, we are now able […]

Introducing QUIC, Faster Site Loading Technology!

Introducing QUIC, Faster Site Loading Technology! - HITS

Unfortunately, as you are aware not, every town or village benefits from superfast fibre broadband. However, a lot still suffer from extremely outdated telecom infrastructures that equate to slow internet speeds. It is painful to see how slowly our websites load there. Considering how much effort we put into optimising our website technology — both […]