Meet Our Updated WordPress Framework V2

HITS Framework 2.0

A year ago we launched version 1 of our custom WordPress framework and with great customer feedback, we have polished and refined it over the year. To date, we have released 26 versions of V1 adding new features, design tweaks and maintaining against the latest stable versions of WordPress. However, we are pleased to announce that version 2 has now been rolled out to all HITS clients. Our development team have rebuilt the framework from the ground up improving many features, design and security.

So What’s New In Version 2?

New Styling, Fonts & Elements

We have fully redesigned the WordPress default UI to our own taste making it faster, clearer to understand and ultimately easier to use. By using modern coding methods we have been able to speed up the UI by around 30-40% making backend editing quicker and easier than ever. We have switched the default WordPress font out and now we utilise Google fonts to ensure quicker loading and more modern and readable font.

Updated Login Page

We have fully rebuilt the default WordPress login page using our new UI styling as mentioned above this now provided a more straightforward, more comfortable to use interface. We have also implemented additional advanced security measures to increase security further than the standard WordPress version. The new login page is only used by clients logging into the CMS of their site and does not impact Ecommerce stores.

Improved Security & Cache Options

We have removed many default WordPress features which we deem as not secure and also improved on many allowing us to provide greater control yet freedom to all of our clients. For example, all files or media uploaded are now instantly scanned for viruses or malicious code before they can be used. We have also created a link between the backend and our servers to allow clients to flush stored cache should they have carried out large updates.

When Will I See The Change?

The new framework has already been implemented on all of our existing client sites and we have already released a few small patches to ensure everything plays nicely. If you have any feedback for us on the new editor we would love to hear it as we improve it over time.

What’s Next?

We have a variety of exciting new features planned to add to this development, including direct Analytics stats so you can track visitors to your website. In addition, the dark mode is a feature we are eager to start working on, giving a complete inverted style to the backend of the website.

How Can We Help?

We are HITS, a creative web design and development studio based in Andover, Hampshire. Established in 2010, we offer a complete package service across WordPress website design and development. We have extensive experience in bespoke Website Design, Ecommerce Store DevelopmentBranding and Organic SEO services.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch with us on 01264 316141 or via email at enquiries@hits.group


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