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Introducing Our New Editor UI Interface

It’s no secret that HITS has always tried to provide a bespoke service and products to its clients. For years we have been using a heavily modified version of the opensource CMS WordPress. Our modified version has allowed us to create bespoke features, security and many professional improvements over the standard WordPress version. This year we set out to develop what we feel to be a cleaner UI and overall UX experience taking our client’s experience to the next level.

What’s Changed?

Complete UI Styling Overhaul

Over the last couple of months, we have fully rebuilt the styling of the backend dashboard to be cleaner, more straightforward to use along with a modern flat design that ties into our core branding. We have also removed functionality we do not use making things cleaner and easier to use along with optimising fonts and sizes to be easier to read. We have also eliminated all references to WordPress, making the system feel more bespoke and less generic.

New Login Page

We have fully rebuilt the default WordPress login page using our new styling along with providing a more straightforward, more comfortable to use interface. We have also implemented additional security measures into this page to increase security further than the standard WordPress version. This new login page is only used for direct admin login. If you have a site where customers log in, such as an online store this new login page will not apply.

Support Widget & News Widget

Creating an easy way customers can get in touch with us regarding a support enquiry has always been a priority for us. We now have a support widget on the dashboard page which provides direct access to support. Along with this, we have also introduced a widget that displays the latest HITS news. This is an excellent way for customers to stay up to date with all of our latest news.

When Will I See The Change?

We have been running various versions of our new platform on clients sites over the last couple of months as we further refine and perfect our unique experience. As of now, all HITS clients are running our new bespoke version of WordPress. Feel free to check out the new design and send us any feedback you may have.

What’s Next?

We have a variety of exciting new features planned to add to this development, including direct Analytics stats so you can track visitors on your website. The dark mode is a feature we are eager to start working on giving a complete inverted style to the backend of the website. We also plan on adding full cache purging support to all client sites along with the conversion of JPEG images to WebP increasing loading speed of images without any loss of image quality.

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