Andover Film Club

New event based website for long-running Andover Film Club

Andover Film Club

Andover Film Club was established in 2012 and is all about bringing great films to the local town of Andover. We hire the Andover Odeon cinema monthly and organise special film events. We are open to the public, and our members of the Club choose the next films and get great discount tickets.

Project Overview

HITS was tasked with creating a new website for the long-running Andover Film Club. The goal was to create a modern website that increased visibility and provided smoother methods to purchase tickets. The new ticketing system for monthly films has advanced features, including members-only pricing. The HITS team were given complete design freedom on the project, and the finished result is timeless!

Andover Film Club - HITS
Andover Film Club - HITS

Project Features

Website Design & Development, Box Office, Stripe Integration, SEO, CMS, Mobile Website

Client Feedback

HITS have given us great support over a number of years now. Any questions or issues have been dealt with quickly, and we have a website that we feel benefits us greatly.

The Finished Project


Andover, Hampshire