Andover Film Club

New event based website for long-running Andover Film Club

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Andover Film Club - HITS

The Client

The Andover Film Club, founded in 2012, operates with a mission to enrich the local town of Andover by presenting a selection of exceptional films. In collaboration with the Andover Odeon cinema, we secure a monthly reservation, providing a platform for special film events. Our commitment extends to fostering an inclusive atmosphere, welcoming members of the public to join our vibrant community. As valued participants, club members actively contribute to the film selection process, ensuring a diverse and engaging lineup. Moreover, membership privileges include access to discounted tickets, enhancing the overall cinematic experience for our dedicated audience.

Project Overview

HITS undertook the exciting project of creating a new website for the esteemed Andover Film Club. Our primary objective was to develop a modern website that would enhance the club’s visibility and provide a seamless ticket purchasing experience for its members and visitors. With this in mind, we implemented a sophisticated ticketing system that offers advanced features, including members-only pricing, to streamline the ticketing process for monthly film screenings. Our team was granted complete design freedom, allowing us to create a website that stands the test of time and reflects the essence of the Andover Film Club. The finished result is a visually captivating and functionally robust website that not only elevates the club’s online presence but also provides a user-friendly interface for film enthusiasts to explore upcoming screenings and secure their tickets effortlessly. We take pride in delivering a website that seamlessly blends modern design with advanced ticketing features, contributing to the success and growth of the Andover Film Club.

Andover Film Club - HITS

The Finished Project

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