Avon Valley Nursery

Fun creative website for nursery located at Avon Valley Adverture & Wildlife Park

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Avon Valley Nursery - Tablet Mockup

The Client

Established in 2023, Avon Valley Nursery & Preschool is a unique childcare facility in Keynsham. We are passionate about providing a safe, secure and stimulating environment for children aged 3 months to 5 years to learn and develop. We are huge believers in learning through hands-on experience and play.

Our nursery is purposefully designed around every aspect of a child’s development, with extensive outdoor areas, sensory spaces, hard standings, and of course all the benefits of a 65 acre wildlife park! Indoors, we have done away with conventional rooms, and split the nursery into 2 floors. We have the babies and younger ones on one floor and those over 2 on another.

Project Overview

HITS was given the task of creating a new website for Avon Valley Nursery & Preschool. The main objective of the website is to highlight the nursery’s strengths, presenting an appealing brochure site design that resonates with potential parents in the Keynsham area. Our collaboration with the client remained strong throughout the project, as we carefully translated their design vision into a fully responsive website. Our goal was to encapsulate the essence of their brand by blending innovative design features with seamless functionality, ensuring an engaging user experience.

Avon Valley Nursery - PC Mockup

The Finished Project

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