Feathered Skies
Feathered Skies

Feathered Skies

Feathered Skies Nursery & Preschool provide high-quality care and education for children below statutory school age. We are passionate about giving every child the best foundations for lifelong learning and holistic happiness whilst offering children and their families a service that promotes equality and values diversity.
The Project
HITS was tasked with creating a modern creative website for the new nursery, Feathered Skies. The website features a clean design that is easy to navigate and contains relevant information for parents. Along with the new website, HITS also created a branding/identity concept that is in use on the new site and other promotional materials.
Client Feedback

The team really understood what I was looking for when designing my brand and website. The logo and website look great and I often get compliments on its quality. Thank you so much.

Joanne Littlejohn

The End Result

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