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The Client

Henry Tyndale is a Community Special School catering for approximately 140 pupils, who have complex learning difficulties across the age range from two to nineteen years. The school is situated within Farnborough with the main site in Ship Lane and an Early Years Centre in Mayfield Road. Henry Tyndale School caters for a range of Special Educational Need and is proud of the outstanding quality of education and care it provides for all of its pupils. All pupils at our school have a learning difficulty; many also have an additional need such as a physical disability, a language disorder or an autism spectrum disorder.

Project Overview

Henry Tyndale School approached HITS to create a powerful, feature-rich website to replace their outdated platform. The new site boasts refreshed branding, including updated colours, fonts, and graphics. Our development focused on two main features. Firstly, accessibility was a key consideration. The new website is fully accessible, complying with most accessibility standards. We incorporated specialist fonts designed to be easily readable for individuals with dyslexia. Secondly, we aimed to streamline the website management process for staff. Utilising our custom CMS, we created bespoke areas specifically designed for managing frequently updated pages and files. Through these improvements, we delivered a modern, user-friendly website that meets the needs of both the school community and staff.

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The Finished Project

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