National Tea Day

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National Tea Day - HITS

The Client

National Tea Day, the epitome of Britishness, invites everyone to partake in the celebration of this cherished beverage. Embrace the most British day of the year by joining in the festivities. Each year, the nation comes together to express its adoration for tea through a delightful array of engaging events, captivating online content that combines amusement and enlightenment, and, naturally, the quintessentially British tradition of Afternoon Tea. The Tea Group ardently fosters a passion for tea, aiming to spread the love of this beverage and facilitate exploration into the vibrant world of tea, including cold brews and herbal infusions. We wholeheartedly welcome everyone to embark on this journey, discovering the myriad pleasures and experiences that tea has to offer.

Project Overview

The HITS team was entrusted with the important project of creating a new website for National Tea Day, founded by The Tea Group. The primary objective was to raise awareness of this nationally celebrated day and provide visitors with valuable information on how to get involved in the celebrations. Building upon the success of our previous collaboration with The Tea Group, we crafted a new website that effectively captures the essence of National Tea Day and engages visitors with its captivating design and informative content. Additionally, our team implemented advanced organic search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to ensure that the website ranks highly on popular search engines like Google, maximizing its visibility to a broader audience. The result is a visually appealing and functionally optimized website that serves as a platform to promote National Tea Day and encourage active participation in the celebrations. We take pride in delivering another successful website for The Tea Group and contributing to the continued success of National Tea Day.

National Tea Day - HITS

The Finished Project

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