Oaktree Accountants

Nestled in the heart of Andover, Oaktree Accountants deliver full accountancy, business growth and tax planning services to a variety of sectors. They love to work with motivated and passionate individuals and companies who want to be the best they can be. Because they built our own business from scratch over the last 17 years, they understand the stresses and hard work it takes to run your own company and make it a success.
Oaktree Accountants

What We Did

Website Design & Development, SEO, CMS, Mobile Website
Oaktree Accountants

Project Overview

HITS was tasked with creating a new website for Oaktree Accountants. The goal was to create a modern website that enhanced the companies branding and appeal. The HITS team created a beautiful and curvy website for Oaktree, which ties in seamlessly with the Oaktree brand. In addition, we created a bespoke blog system and migrated all of their 600+ blog posts over to the new site. Our team also carried out advanced SEO to boost the companies search appearance in local results.

Client Feedback

“Where can I begin! Giles has been incredibly amazing throughout the whole design process. Giles took the time to speak with us on many occasions to understand our vision and personality. The result was a site that looks better than anything we could have envisioned. Thank you, HITS, for all your hard work. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”
Sarah Robinson
Oaktree Accountants

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