Futuristic ecommerce store design for audio specialists Rhyzan

RHYZAN, a new name backed by a well established British company, have more than 50 years of expertise in the filter and surge protection industry to the gigging and recording musician. Bring clarity to your music by filtering out unwanted noise giving your audience the sounds they deserve and the purity you want to play. Originally designed for the high-end studio and using Power-Bus technology, RHYZAN Music Socket Strips have designed these robust products to cope with the demands of the gigging and home recordist. They help reduce popping or cracking sounds, improve overall sound performance, reduce speaker hiss, and prevent electrical power spikes.

Project Overview

HITS was tasked with designing a powerful Ecommerce website and branding for Rhyzan. The company specialises in the sale of high-end audio cables and sockets for the music industry. We created our first inverted website featuring a dark background with white and accented green colours. The site is modern and features lots of great features.

Rhyzan - HITS

Project Features

Ecommerce Store Design & Development, Product SEO, CMS, Mobile Website

Client Feedback

We approached HITS to design a clean and modern brand identity along with a modern e-commerce site. Our target audience involves the music industry, and we wanted something clean and modern and appealing to musicians. We are delighted with the outcome, and the new site looks incredible!

The Finished Project


Andover, Hampshire