Fun website design project for child role play centre provider

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TotCity - HITS

The Client

TotCity represents a welcoming play café specifically designed for families, where children can embark on imaginative journeys within a reduced-scale street environment. This unique setting serves as a catalyst for young ones to indulge in creative exploration and make-believe adventures to their heart’s delight. With no shortage of enthusiasm for imaginative play and dress-up activities, TotCity offers a remarkable selection of at least nine distinct role play areas. These areas are thoughtfully equipped with child-sized resources and an array of dressing-up outfits, further enhancing the immersive experience and encouraging children to unleash their boundless imagination.

Project Overview

HITS was approached by TotCity to undertake the redevelopment of their existing outdated website. Our goal was to create a new website that adheres to a mobile-first design principle and offers a simple, user-friendly interface. With TotCity expanding its presence to five additional locations, our team ensured that the new website accommodates these new venues and gives each of them their own distinct identity. The result is a modern and responsive website that not only enhances the user experience but also effectively represents each TotCity location. We are proud to have delivered a website that aligns with TotCity’s growth and provides visitors with an easy-to-navigate platform to explore and engage with the various locations.

TotCity - HITS

The Finished Project

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