Tricia Wellings Fine Art

Minimalist portfolio site showcasing beautiful fine art made to order

Tricia Wellings Fine Art

Tricia Wellings is a UK-based fine artist who creates distinctive drawings and paintings of animals and people (and houses!) from photographs. I work with high-quality materials and put my all into creating an emotive and accurate portrait to be treasured for many years to come.

Project Overview

HITS were tasked with creating a new personal portfolio website for incredible fine artist Tricia Wellings. We created a minimal design website putting her talented art pieces front and centre. With dynamic galleries using filters, we were able to include a large number of pieces. We are very pleased with the final outcome of this project.

Tricia Wellings Fine Art - HITS
Tricia Wellings Fine Art - HITS

Project Features

Website Design & Development, SEO, CMS, Mobile Website

Client Feedback

I'm a newcomer to the HITS portfolio, and I have only praise for the fabulous new website I now have. It feels like a true upgrade in every sense of the word, and I've been 100% impressed with the process from start to finish. Giles demonstrates true care and pride in his product, making you feel as if this is his only website... a skill in itself! Thank you, Giles and your team, for such high-quality work. I cannot recommend you more highly.

The Finished Project


Andover, Hampshire