It's imperative that your brand is a true reflection of your organisation's character and ethos.

Brand Awareness - HITS

Creative Branding

In any visual identity project, our initial step is delving into the authentic character of the organisation: modern or traditional, established or disruptive, formal or informal, well understood or misperceived. This analysis, conducted for every project, informs our understanding of the client and their industry. We scrutinise the existing visual identity, ensuring it accurately mirrors the organisation’s true character; any mismatch demands our immediate attention.

With a wealth of experience, we excel in creating new brands, refining established visual identities to align with organisational evolution, or executing complete rebranding initiatives. Our expertise ensures a seamless transition, delivering compelling brand assets that resonate with the essence of the organisation.

How We Do It

At HITS, we hold a steadfast belief in the transformative power of outstanding graphic design to unlock the full potential of your business. Our team comprises a diverse range of graphic design experts, from Adobe wizards to seasoned illustration specialists. With their skills and creativity, we can tailor and deliver perfect designs that cater to businesses of all scales.

Our comprehensive graphic design services encompass a wide spectrum, including the meticulous development of brand identity and logos, the creation of impactful advertisements, and the production of polished printed stationery. Whether you’re a large enterprise or a small business, HITS is dedicated to providing you with top-tier graphic design solutions that leave a lasting impression.

What Makes A Strong Logo/Brand? - HITS

Our Range of Expertise

Logo Design

We craft bespoke brand Identities along with creating brand guidelines


From business cards to flyers we can help you stand out from the crowd

Marketing Graphics

We can create custom graphics for social media, email and more


Our team can design professional signage and vechicle graphics