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Web Development - HITS

Advanced Website Development

The scope of what’s possible with modern website development is expanding rapidly. All our developers are passionate about the digital world, and we go to great lengths to ensure the team is at the cutting-edge of innovations in web development.

Our development team has time to explore new possibilities and then share discoveries of new technologies and techniques before debating and agreeing upon best practices.

Our developers are in-house and work in hand with our designers. This allows real-time collaboration between form and function to ensure that every aspect of a website delivers on the brief. We love pushing the limits of what is possible and providing functionality above the competition.

What We Can Help With

Intranet Systems

Powerful intranet systems to manage staff, files and other data

Advanced Directories

Powerful custom built directories for listings with advanced search

Part Portals

Take your warehouse online with our powerful part portal solutions

Education Portals

Allow parents to access data held by your school or nursery

Recent Projects