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Worry-Free Hosting Solutions

We have always been proud to offer our clients the latest and greatest hosting solutions as standard. Our background originally started from IT, and most of our team have a background in computers or server management.

Recently we migrated from our traditional single-server solutions over to the Google Cloud Platform. This allows us to utilise multiple data centres across the world and utilise zero downtime.

Our server platform is updated weekly, and advanced security measures are in place to keep your data and customers data as secure as possible.

Hosting & Email

Our Hosting Services Include

Super Fast Loading

Our hosting platform is built on Google Cloud and uses its ultra-fast network and SSD persistent storage. On top of it, we add our own server setup with multiple custom speed optimizations.

Top-notch Security

We manage the security of your sites at the server and application levels. In addition, we offer free SSL certificates that keep your data safe and daily backups that ensure your peace of mind.

Enterprise Email Reliability

We run dedicated email servers capable of handling high volumes of emails. We also run SpamExperts software to protect your emails from Spam before they even reach your inbox.

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