We Are Now Called HITS!

HITS Rebrand

Since January 2019, we have slowly been switching our trading name from “Hampshire IT Solutions” to the new trading name of “HITS”. We are now fully trading under the name of HITS and have even launched a beautiful new website and revamping all of our branding and identity.

What Has Changed?

Essentially nothing has changed but our name. We are still the same company and have all the same ethos and work ethics as before; however, now with a name that better reflects our actual business and trade. You may have already noticed our new website and branding, which has been updated throughout our company and social outlets. We have also started using the new web address of “hits.group” instead of “hampshireitsolutions.com“; however, we have built fallbacks should clients have the old link saved.

Why The Name Change?

The name Hampshire IT Solutions has always been our biggest flaw. After all, we are not an IT company and do not just serve the county of Hampshire. We regularly explained to customers that we are definitely a web development studio and not an IT company. The new name of HITS is just an abbreviated version of Hampshire IT Solutions; however, it now suits our business of building creative websites that generate web hits.

Why Now?

We are currently celebrating our 10th anniversary and completed 650+ projects to date, which ties in nicely. We have actually been slowly changing names since January 2019 (20 months ago). Our logo, email signatures, phone system and uniform were all changed in this time as we slowly introduced clients to the name change. We have now fully switched to HITS and have removed all “Hampshire IT Solutions” traces from our company.

How Can We Help?

We are HITS a boutique web studio based in Hampshire since 2010 offering a complete package service across website design and development. 

We have extensive experience in bespoke Website Design, EcommerceBranding and SEO services.

If you would like to find out more please get in touch with us on 01264 316141 or via email at enquiries@hits.group


Andover, Hampshire