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Your Site Is Already WordPress 5.7 Compatible!

WordPress 5.7 was launched today and is available for update on all WordPress driven websites. Even better, we’re thrilled to let you know that if you’re a HITS client. Then your site has already been updated since all HITS use a custom WordPress framework. We usually implement this to all of our clients on the day of the update release.

Here’s a rundown of what this means for you:

Block Editor Improvements

With WordPress 5.7, several versions of the Gutenberg plugin have been merged into core, so WordPress users and writers should notice several improvements in the editor. For example, we’ll see enhanced font-size adjustments in more places, reusable blocks and inserter drag-and-drop. Also, the new update allows you to do more without writing custom code. This includes full-height alignment, button blocks and social icon block updates.

A Simpler Default Colour Palette

This new streamlined colour palette collapses all the colours that used to be in the WordPress source code down to seven core colours and a range of 56 shades that meet the WCAG 2.0 AA recommended contrast ratio against white or black. The colours are perceptually uniform from light to dark in each range, which means they start at white and get darker by the same amount with each step. Half the range has a 4.5 or higher contrast ratio against black, and the other half maintains the same contrast against white.

HTTP To HTTPS Automatically

Starting now, switching a site from HTTP to HTTPS is a one-click move. In addition, WordPress will automatically update database URLs when you make the switch. No more hunting and guessing!

New Robots API

The new Robots API lets you include the filter directives in the robots meta tag, and the API includes the directive by default. That means search engines can show bigger image previews, which can boost your traffic (unless the site is marked not-public).

Ongoing jQuery Cleanup & Updates

For years, jQuery helped make things move on the screen in ways the basic tools couldn’t – but that keeps changing, and so does jQuery. In 5.7, jQuery gets more focused and less intrusive, with fewer messages in the console.

iframes Lazy-Loading

Now it’s simple to let iframes lazy-load. By default, WordPress will add a loading="lazy" attribute to iframe tags when both width and height are specified.

How Can We Help

If you would like to learn more about how HITS works with WordPress and how you can benefit from our website and CMS solutions, please get in touch.

We hope you like all the WordPress 5.7 updates as much as we do!

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