Your Site Is Already WordPress 5.8 Compatible!

WordPress Update - HITS

WordPress 5.8 was launched today and is available for update on all WordPress driven websites. Even better, we’re thrilled to let you know that if you’re a HITS client. Then your site has already been updated since all HITS use a custom WordPress framework. We usually implement this to all of our clients on the day of the update release.

Here’s a rundown of what this means for you:

Full Site Editing

With WordPress 5.8, several versions of the Gutenberg plugin have been merged into core, so WordPress users and writers should notice several improvements in the editor. For example, we can now use Widget Area Blocks, Query Loop Blocks, Template Blocks. Along with this step to full site editing, a new list view section has been added to the Gutenberg editor allowing easy views of page elements. We are also excited to test out the new global styles section making it easier to have consistent styling on pages.

New Gutenberg Tools

The new update also includes two great new tools to allow advanced modification of styling. The Pattern Transformations Tool is a feature that suggests block patterns. This feature is currently available in the Query Block and the Social Icon Block. Duotone Filter tool is a new design feature that allows a publisher to colourize images or videos. It’s a way to add more creative flair to a page. WordPress describes it as a black and white filter where the black and the white can be replaced by any colours for the shadows and the highlights.

WebP Image Support

WebP is a new generation image format that can display images at smaller images sizes. WordPress support for the WebP format allows publishers to create websites that download faster. That’s a win for publishers and site visitors. WebP is roughly 30-40% smaller when used against conventional Jpeg images.

Support For Internet Explorer 11 Dropped

This is the release that drops support for Internet 11. IE 11 is a security risk. WordPress now becomes a leaner and faster content management system as it reduces the amount of code in the core. We have a dedicated blog post here about this.

300+ Other Updates

The new WordPress 5.8 update includes over 300 new features, fixes and improvements, refining WordPress and enhancing its power over competing website builders.

We hope you like all the WordPress 5.8 updates as much as we do!

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